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What Local Job Fairs Really Have to Offer

Job Alerts Now 13 August, 2017

There are plenty of ways to hunt up a new job. However, if it has been a while since you have looked for a job, some of these methods may seem more comfortable than others. For instance sitting at home and searching the internet for work may be a bit more within your comfort zone than attending local job fairs. However, there is much to be said for the local job fair. Here are few things you can expect from attending.

Unadvertised Jobs

Never believe the myth that you have already seen all of the jobs available. It may feel like that when you are scanning the internet every day and looking through classifieds till your eye balls fall out, but the truth is there are still other jobs coming up every day you do not know about. Many of these jobs are represented at local job fairs. In fact some companies specifically do not advertise certain positions because they want to simplify the hiring process and only deal with serious applicants.


Networking is a fancy word that simply means meeting people who can help you accomplish your goal. Job fairs are an excellent way to meet people. Keep in mind that hiring managers or recruiters are not the only people who might be influential in helping you land your next job. We all know people who found a great opportunity by meeting someone, who knew someone, who knew someone else who could help. Perhaps you have experienced this yourself before. This is networking.

Job fairs are packed with recruiters, representatives and individuals who might could help you, or who know someone who could help you. Job fairs are never a waste of time.

Getting the Most of a Job Fair

Make sure you take plenty of notes so you can jot down phone numbers or important websites. If you have business cards definitely pass some out so that others can get in touch with you as well.