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The 6 Worst Mistakes You Can Make at Work

Job Alerts Now 20 January, 2021

Work is a big part of our daily lives. It's important do well and have a good reputation. What should you do to avoid getting a bad reputation at work? Here are some mistakes to avoid making.

1. Engaging in Gossip

Don’t get involved in huddled conversations that involve gossip about coworkers or bosses. If you’re seen gossiping, then others will come to believe that you can’t be trusted. This can severely hinder your opportunities at work.

2. Refusing to Give Credit

Many work projects are team-oriented. Don’t be the kind of person who refuses to give credit to teammates when they clearly played an important role in the success of the project. If you do, then others will see you as a person who only looks out for themselves, and they won’t want you on their team in the future.

3. Starting Rumors

Don’t start rumors even if they’re true. Rumors are not only unkind; they can also ruin another person’s reputation. Chances are that the rumor will be traced back to you, which can cost you in terms of friendship and career.

4. Ignoring the Chain of Command

If you have a problem at work, there’s a certain chain of command you should take to get it resolved. Don’t go over anyone’s head until you’ve first tried to deal with that person.

5. Constant Complaining

No one likes someone who complains all the time. If you truly hate every aspect of your job, then maybe it’s time to find a new job. In the meantime, either find something to enjoy about your job or keep quiet about your petty gripes.

6. Threatening to Quit

When you want something to go your way do you always threaten to quit? Throwing ultimatums at your boss is one of the worst mistakes you can make at work. Someday your boss might just take you up on it and you could find yourself unemployed.

Stay at the top of your game at work by avoiding these six worst mistakes.